Hiking Levels

We offer three levels of hiking so everyone finds their hiking comfort level.

Level 1: Hikers (Advanced)

Experienced hikers who want to conquer the mountains. A KSA fast paced hiker currently works out 2-3 times a week can walk 6 kilometers in an hour. Our fast pace hiker enjoys aerobic challenges, and  is undaunted by trails that are graded as medium or intermediate, that are a bit steeper, and involve more climbing or more significant changes in altitude (up to 500 meters). 

At KSA on some of the days in the first half of the day all groups will hike together, at a “scenic” walkers’ pace. On those days in the afternoons we will usually be offering a more challenging hike for the Hikers. We understand that fast paced hikers may find the morning pace frustrating. So, when possible, fast paced hikers can go off on their own after they have notified and consulted with the tour guide.

Level 2: Walkers

People who like to walk or hike at a slower pace, and be out all day in nature, . We call them Walkers. They may also be people who like to walk or hike for 4-5 hours and then either relax or go sightseeing, but they are definitely interested in a mild or moderate challenge. Walkers enjoy mild aerobic challenges, and are undaunted by trails that involve some climbing or moderate changes in altitude (up to 200 meters). 

These KSAers loves walking and being outdoor while they like to stop and take pictures. They enjoy 4-5 hours of hiking and would like to do so at a more leisurely pace. They do not want to be out of breath or be on narrow trails surrounded by chasms or deep falls. 

Walkers may have little hiking experience and while they don’t necessarily workout, they can walk 3 kilometers within an hour.


As a group, we strive to hike at one pace, and we pay special attention to prevent wide gaps between hikers. All safety instructions and guidelines issued by staff members are heeded without question.  All KSAers are committed to helping each other, when necessary, on a hike.