About Kosher Outdoor Adventures:

Kosher Outdoor Adventures is an Efrat based initiative providing Kosher Vacations in Europe, North America and Israel. introducing a new outdoors “on your feet” concept to 45+ Shomer-Shabbat and Kosher-Observant people interested in affordable access to amazingly beautiful places. Bringing years of experience in running Jewish educational programs, Rav Dani Epstein of Efrat offers people the enjoyment of good company and a thrilling week of rejuvenation, discovery, fun, excitement and relaxation, while exploring the vistas and panoramas of the most beautiful national parks in the world! 

Why Kosher Outdoor Adventures?
Because at Kosher Outdoor Adventures we believe that being in nature brings health and peace of mind in our techno-driven world.
Because we believe that having unadulterated fun brings a smile to faces and helps us be the positive people we aspire to be in our relationships.
Because we believe that well-being and contentment comes from spending time interacting in a group setting either with dinner table conversations or around campfire.

Why Kosher Outdoor Adventures?
Because we offer three levels of walking/hiking so everyone finds their hiking comfort level.

Level 1: Experienced hikers who want to conquer the mountains. We call them Lions.
Level 2: People who like to walk and be out all day in nature. We call them Tigers.
Level 3: People who like to walk for 3-4 hours and then either relax or go sightseeing. We call them Bears.

Why Kosher Outdoor Adventures?
-We take care of all the logistics.
-We Provide Glatt kosher meals.
-You get access to nature destinations that are difficult to access on your own.
-You can daven with a minyan and a Sefer Torah
-On Kosher Outdoor Adventures you can have an inspiring Shabbat experience in remote nature destinations.

Owner: Rav Dani Epstein


Dani brings vitality, dynamism and drama, heart and soul, to the KOA  Trips, as the Mara DeAtra in charge of religious and halachic issues, as the program and itinerary planner overseeing the local tour guide, combining his knowledge of Jewish and European history with his ability to find the most awe-inspiring vistas and hiking routes in all our KOA locations. Dani is an avid skier, ping-pong player and he loves teaching and connecting with people of different backgrounds and beliefs.

Before coming on Aliyah, Rav Dani led the Maimonides High School in Vancouver, Canada, and was Rabbi of the Beth Jacob Congregation in Irvine California. Upon making Aliyah to Efrat 20 years ago, Dani served as principal of an Israeli High School for 12 years, and he currently teaches at YTA and at Netiv Meir Yeshiva High Schools in Jerusalem.