Kashrut and Shabbat


The Bayit Kitchens are kashered by KOA Staff according to Strict Orthodox halachic standards used by the major US Kashrus organizations.

As we are renting large chalets where we will have exclusive use of fully-equipped  kitchen facilities throughout our stay, any cooking and serving utensils that belong to the chalet, that have not been koshered under KOA supervision, will be either removed totally from the chalet’s kitchen, or clearly marked off-limits for the duration of the trip.

In all of Europe we use the Kashrut list of the CCER, Central Conference of European Rabbis, as well as the Kashrut lists of the Rabbanut of the specific country. We also rely on kashrut information supplied by the local Chabad.

Some basics will be brought from Israel, the rest is purchased in the closest major Jewish community’s Kosher Supermarket, which is under the supervision of the local Orthodox Rabbinate.

Bread: In France, the plain baguettes sold at the bakeries can be eaten. In Slovenia, we follow the instructions of the Chabad rabbi of Trieste and Slovenia as to which of the local breads are permissible.

In the US and Canada as well as other locations, we follow the product lists of the major Kashrus organizations..

Meat and Poultry: All meat is Glatt (Chalak) certified, and purchased from the closest kosher store / supplier under the supervision of the country’s Rabbinical authority.

Fresh Fish will be purchased locally, following each country’s list of approved, locally available kosher fish.

Eggs will be purchased locally, and checked for blood spots.

All other processed foods must be on one of the above kosher lists which we follow and can share with you.

Milk and Dairy Products: We are not Chalav Yisrael. We are guided by Kashrut authorities familiar with local food processing and availability, in each trip location.

Fruits and vegetables are purchased locally. Leafy vegetables (lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and the like), are pre-soaked and checked according to the instructions of halachic authorities.

For all meals we use disposable plastic or paper dishes and cutlery.

“As the Mara DeAtra of KOA who is in charge of implementing accepted halachic guidelines on our trip, I ask that you direct any questions about Kashrut and Shabbat to me. Friends who are interested in coming who want to hear about Kashrut, Tefilla and Shabbat on KOA, will have their questions answered in the clearest and most helpful way if they speak with me directly.”

Rav Dani Epstein  [email protected]  at +1-201-6454487 (US Number) or at +972-505538125 (Israel number or WhatsApp)

No matter where KOA is in the world Thursday night we make challahs. Combining the beautiful nature sceneries with the beautiful comradery of kneading together and bringing the light of Shabbat to some places that have never tasted the sweetness of challah.



Our Shabbat celebration includes evening and morning Tefila with singing and festive meals, short scenic group walks, optional shiurim and discussions, mincha and maariv, niggunim, havdalah.

Daily Davening

We have group davening three times daily for all who choose to participate, with a minyan anticipated at least once a day. We bring a Sefer Torah to enable Kriat HaTorah on all trips.